Work To Get Other People's RESPECT--And Not Their ApprovalGetting 100 percent approval should never be your ultimate goal. You need to really examine the reasons why you do the things you do. Many times, fitness coaches and leaders work toward getting approval from other people in ways they are not conscious of.

You will never get 100 percent approval from other people when you take a stand.

You want to earn other people’s RESPECT.

Although other people may not agree with your opinions, they will respect you as a person when you confidently take a position on one side or the other.

People will respect you when you are decisive.

People will respect you when you are passionate, competent, and focused.

You’ll discover that many other people will adjust to your way of thinking without much of a challenge when you present yourself in this manner.

Practice this Fitness-Centered Life Coach mindset by quickly, concisely, and confidently stating your opinion every single time the situation presents itself in your day-to-day life.

State your opinion with strong, decisive, congruent body language during those times when it is important, not so important, and everything in between.

Don’t “save” this discipline just for those times when you believe it is important. Do it all the time. That way, you’ll be skilled and conditioned the moment an important
time come along.

“I can see both sides of the issues”; “What do you think?”; or “It doesn’t really matter to me”; and “Either way is acceptable” are no longer options for you.

Just like strengthening your muscles when you exercise in the gym, you will strengthen your ability to powerfully present your opinion and lead other people when you exercise this skill set every time you can.

Start teaching other people to live in your version of “reality.” Trust yourself. Trust that other people are fair and rational.

Have the courage to just SAY it.

Have the courage to just DO it.

Have the courage to just BE it.

Use Your BODY To Grab Their Attention. Use Your MIND To Change Their Lives. (TM)

Set yourself apart from the fitness BUSINESS AS USUAL and adopt the Fitness-Centered Life Coaching philosophy.