What’s A “Fitness-Centered” Life Coach?

This website is specifically designed to help fitness experts, online coaches, group exercise instructors, and personal trainers set themselves apart from the tough competition in today’s extremely crowded fitness professional industry–and to help them take their businesses to the next level.

During this video, you’ll learn what you can expect from this website.

You’ll want to immediately integrate these effective personal development and life coaching strategies so that you will:

  • Deliver more VALUE to your clients
  • Understand their NEEDS at a deeper level
  • Get your clients to actually FOLLOW THROUGH with the great advice you give them more consistently
  • You’ll create an immediate, deeper and longer-lasting EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with them that’s structured and PLANNED–instead of hoping it just happens
  • All of these awesome benefits help your clients get BETTER RESULTS–both inside and outside of the gym

And here’s what that will do for YOU:

  • Build more CONFIDENCE
  • Make your personal brand STAND OUT among all the other people giving out fitness advice
  • You’ll also gain a distinct ADVANTAGE over the fitness experts out there that you’re competing against, who have a lot more years of experience in the fitness business, and have built up massive online followings
  • You’ll expand your SKILL level. You’ll have more range and become more versatile
  • And, it will help you enjoy a more PROFITABLE BUSINESS that’s built to last.

Who doesn’t want earn MORE MONEY for their knowledge, hard work, and expertise and have a LONG, FULFILLING CAREER having a POSITIVE IMPACT on the lives of thousands of people?

Skip La Cour is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. He helps people around the world understand and execute effective leadership and influence strategies to reach their goals in life with more clarity and confidence.

La Cour is a former six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder who sold his very first information product online almost 20 years ago

When magazines were popular, he wrote hundreds of articles for the national and international bodybuilding magazines. In fact, Skip started on this “Fitness-Centred Life Coaching” journey and developing what it has become today 20 years ago. He was the very first person to write exclusively about the motivation and mindset in the bodybuilding magazines with his monthly column, Thinking Big.

La Cour has worked with some of the biggest thought leaders in the personal development world during his 30 plus years in that business. Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, was one of them. Because of his story of success, Robbins selected Skip to be featured in one of his television commercials that ran for over three years. That experience, combined with his over 25 years in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, are what helped him create a unique brand of coaching called “Fitness-Centered Life Coaching.”

Fitness-Centered Life Coaching is specifically designed for fitness experts, online coaches, group exercise instructors, and personal trainers. This approach to coaching helps fitness professionals bolster their skill level and personal brand so they can provide more value to their clients’ overall quality of life in addition to the training and eating strategies.

La Cour has written 10 books, produced eight DVDs, and five audio seminar courses that have helped thousands of people at all different levels of bodybuilding and fitness reach their goals in over 53 countries around the globe. La Cour also owns his own supplement company, Mass Machine Nutrition.