There's Always A Way To Get Through“I HATE it when people come to me for advice and don’t do what I tell them!”

These type of social media rants by fitness experts and coaches usually get a lot of “likes” and supportive comments from other frustrated fitness experts and coaches.

“Yeah! I HATE that too!”

Wow. Really?

These fitness experts must be REALLY confident in their ability to communicate, don’t you think?

No one would blast their own shortcomings and lack of self-awareness in their supposed area of expertise, would they? It’s their profession and way to put food on their table, after all. That’s the only thing that would make sense. They must be awesome communicators and people of supreme influence–in addition to knowing all about lifting heavy things, properly calculating macros, and making sculpting an aesthetically-pleasing body the #1 priority in their lives.

I wonder if these fitness experts ever consider that their own communication skills could possibly improve? Or, do they put that burden totally on the shoulders of the confused and/or not-so-motivated person who comes to them for advice?

There’s always a higher and more effective level to EVERYTHING we do in life, right? That is, if we are truly committed to getting better and better at our craft and we really want to serve the people who come to us for our expertise.

There’s always a higher level to how well we lead, influence, and “sell” our concepts and ideas to other people.

Maybe we can put things into better perspective for our clients? Although our training and eating strategies may be rock-solid, we might need to do a better job of helping our clients silence all of the loud, distracting, confusing and seemingly contradicting noise on the internet that’s overloading their brains?

Adopt this empowering belief:

There’s ALWAYS a way to get through to a person when you are truly committed.

Think about it.

Isn’t that what we preach to our clients about working out and eating right?

We don’t tell them to go bitch and complain about their fitness challenges on the internet to their peers (or anyone who is willing or forced to listen to them) when the going gets tough, do we?

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual.”

Use your BODY to grab their attention. Use your MIND to change their lives. (TM)