During this episode, Fitness-Centered Life Coach creator and podcast host, Skip La Cour, tells you why you’ll want to integrate this coaching philosophy into your personal style to become more effective at helping your clients get the results they’re after, set yourself apart from all of the other people offering advice in the extremely crowded fitness coaching space, and build a longer lasting, more fulfilling, and more profitable business.

You’ll learn what motivated him to take this approach and what it has evolved into so you’ll see the benefits now and long into the future. You’ll also discover how YOU can be a part of this weekly podcast in the future, as well as, join the entire Fitness-Centered Life Coaching movement.

Listen to the Fitness-Centered Life Coach podcast every week for specific, step-by-step strategies for fitness experts, online coaches, instructors, and personal trainers that bolster their skill level and personal brand so they can add more value to their clients’ overall quality of life.

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What “Fitness-Centered” Life Coaching Is All About And How It Will Boost Your Fitness Business

by Skip La Cour