Wax On Wax OffIf you’re a big student of personal development and can’t figure out why everything you’ve learned isn’t getting you to the “next level” in life as quickly as you expected, you’re not alone.

There are many people who know IN THEORY exactly how they should think and exactly what they should do in certain challenging situations.

They learned all about that theory from their role models and mentors on the internet, motivational books, online courses, and memes. Hell. They, themselves, even offer that same sage advice to their family and friends.

Many fitness experts and online coaches even repeat what they’ve learned to help out their clients and loyal “tribe” of followers.

If you haven’t already noticed, that knowledge alone is NOT going to help you overcome the challenges in life that stand in the way of your success and happiness.

You absolutely must GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE–no matter how big or small that comfort zone may be right now–and push yourself to actually put what you’ve learned into action.

Here’s the real truth.

The chances are great that you’re going to be an absolute DISASTER at what you attempt AT FIRST. You’re might even doubt if you really have what it takes to succeed in this new area of life you never actually TRIED before–but only knew about in theory.

The chances are great that you are going to lose a lot of sleep at night worrying if you made the right decision–even though it sounded really good on paper.

You have to be okay with this–and get yourself into this scary position that’s outside of your comfort zone more often.

That’s the ONLY way you are going to succeed at the level you really want. That’s the only way you are going to get all of those things in life that you currently think all “motivational quotes” that you’ve learned are setting you up for.

In the movie the Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi made Daniel do all of that “waxing on and waxing off” for weeks with some more “paint the fence” to top it off.

When Daniel finally got so frustrated and confronted Mr. Miyagi about why he had to waste his time with all of this preparation unrelated to karate, his teacher went into a restless barrage of offensive moves.

Daniel was able to instantly draw from the time he spent waxing cars and painting fences to skillfully handle everything that was thrown at him.

Well, that’s a big fat LIE. If you think studying the success of others and your own personal development is going to help you to that level, it’s not.

The truth is you are probably going to get your butt kicked the first few times you get out of your comfort zone in life and actually put yourself through the REAL TESTS in life.

And, that’s okay. That’s how you really get to the next level.

That’s how life really works.

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual.”

Use your BODY to grab their attention. Use your MIND to change their lives. (TM)