Never Stop GrowingI scroll down through my social media feed and I see things much differently than I might have years ago.

I see a lot people criticizing this person or that person for the way that person lives his or her life or the decisions that person makes.

It makes me realize how we are ALL going through this same challenging journey called “life” trying to make sense out of it.

Sometimes, the only way we can make sense out of our own life, values, and the decisions that we’ve made (or continue to make) is by focusing on people who are more “messed up” than we are. Maybe it’s not the only way. Maybe it’s just the easier way.

No matter how awesome we may be doing in one or two areas of our lives, there are ALWAYS areas that we’re not as proud of.

Everyone can focus on the areas of life that they are “better than most” at–but it’s the ones that we struggle with that keep us up at night and have us question ourselves.

Other people may not know about them–but we do. We’re all a little “messed up” even if we aren’t as “bad” as the people we point our finger at.

Passing judgment on others others only relieves our own pain for a little while. Many times, we do whatever we can to see them in the worse light and make the worst assumptions about them to validate our view of the world as the “right” one. Whatever it takes, right?

We all hurt at times.

Never stop working on yourself.

Never stop growing.

Resist making yourself feel better by pointing out the flaws in other people.

Don’t do it for them. Do it for yourself.