LegacyTo become a successful fitness expert or online coach, you must be extremely passionate about what you do. Hours of work feel like minutes because you love what you do so much. Your work will oftentimes seem like play.

If you’re already an online fitness coach or want to become one someday, then you already know the feelings that I’m describing.

There’s always those times, though, when it’s challenging for you to put in that extra time and attention that’s above and beyond where your passion naturally takes you.

Those are the times that are going to really define you.

Will you reach the level of skill that you want? Will you earn the level of influence you want? Will your efforts allow you to live up to your full potential and the life you really want?

Will you just dabble as a fitness coach for a little while? Or, will you make being a fitness PROFESSIONAL a successful career that will last as long as you want it to last in the future?

Thinking BIGGER will help you during those times.

Think bigger than just doing what you love.

Think bigger than helping other people.

Think about your LEGACY.

We live in very unique times. The internet has given every single one of us who are determined enough the opportunity to become RELEVANT too.

We are all making entries into this massive HISTORY BOOK called the internet. As recent as 20 years ago, history books were reserved for the famous and infamous.

Not anymore.

Everything we post on social media, blogs, and websites is being logged into this gigantic history book. Even when we’re helping other people reach their fitness goals. Even when we’re posting our thoughts, beliefs, opinions of the world, and personal experiences.

What are YOU contributing to this history book? What LEGACY are you leaving your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? Will they be proud of you? Fifty years from now, will they be able to learn from you too?

They’ll be able to look you up, you know.