Other People's OpinionsA major challenge in communication occurs when a fitness coach and leader is affected by how other people may react to the opinion he or she offers.

A problem arises when a coach tries too hard to be politically correct.

A coach’s communication style weakens when he or she tries to get other people to see things his or her way without offending them at the same time.

Although the coach’s intentions may be honorable, the person who tries this approach is often extremely ineffective.

You must have confidence in your opinion when presenting it to other people and you must present it in a confident manner.

Most importantly, you simply can’t try to climb into another person’s mind and guess how they are going to react to what you are going to say before you even say it.

Most people seek acceptance, approval, love, and validation from other people to some extent.

That’s just being a human being.

However, some people NEED those types of approval more than others do.

How about you?

Understanding this common element in human nature and how it affects the way you communicate with other people can either work for you―or against you.

It all depends on how you think.

One of the most important organizing principles to becoming a powerful, influential, and charismatic Fitness-Centered Life Coach is to either stop needing approval from other people―or do an awesome job of giving them the impression that you do not need their approval.

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual” and adopt the Fitness-Centered Life Coaching philosophy.

Use Your BODY To Grab Their Attention. Use Your MIND To Change Their Lives.